May 10, 2021


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6 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

6 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

Who doesn’t enjoy sex, right? Well, obviously people who are asexual. Unfortunately, apart from them, this group is rather large. What’s the reason? Lack of sex education. Ignorance leads to a lot of misunderstandings. It doesn’t mean that we have to wait for several generations before our sex educations improves so that everyone can say with at least relative certainty where the clitoris is and what it does. In a moment, you’ll learn about 6 common mistakes that men make in bed. Let’s go!

Foreplay? What Is It?

If you are an avid connoisseur of porn, then you are probably under the impression that the sex begins when the penis enters the vagina. Well, isn’t it true? Technically yes, but there is a small problem. It takes less time for men to go from 0 to 100 than for women. Your penis might get erect in just a moment if you look at the naked body of your partner, or if she looks at you hungrily. If you are in your late teens or late 20s, you might even get erect if you see a shadow that vaguely looks like a woman. Oh, the wonders of youth. 

The thing is, your partner needs more. Okay, so does that mean that you need to wait a specified amount of time before the penetration occurs? No. Kiss her, and touch her, and slowly the fire will ignite. Mind you, not everyone’s body works in the same way, and it is entirely possible that your partner might be soaking wet when you remove her panties. Try not to rush to the “good part” and treat the foreplay as a necessary element that affects your partner’s sexual satisfaction. Only if you are dealing with sex dolls, like the ones that can be found at, can you skip foreplay.

Justice and Orgasms for All

Orgasms are cool. That’s an objective fact. Unfortunately, only about half of women report that they usually orgasm from sex with their partner. There are multiple reasons: lack of sexual education, inadequate skills of their partners, or faking orgasms. It might be even impossible for some women to orgasm from the sex alone without additional stimulation, even if your penis is so big that you are often asked about your concealed carry permit. Thankfully, even if your penis is on the shorter side, you have nothing to worry about. 

You have fingers and a tongue, and you should use those assets to make your partner roll her eyes while experiencing orgasm that will make her scream your name. If you aren’t a fan of oral, then think about reciprocal altruism. If you make an effort, then your partner will surely try to repay you in one way or another.

Be Creative!

Okay, you are probably tired of hearing that you should be creative. You hear it in your workplace, even if your job is extremely monotonous, you hear it when you ask your friend what type of alcohol you should buy. Will this nightmare ever end? The thing is, in this case, you can reap the benefits of being creative? You can dress up as heroes of your or her favorite TV series or books that normally wouldn’t engage in sexual intercourse, and show that you aren’t bound to act accordingly to the canon. Even if you find sexual fantasies of your partner to be silly, try to treat this matter seriously. Who knows, maybe she’ll let you dress as Mark IV, while she wears Stahlhelm. We are not judging. Really.

Do Kegels!

If you think that you often finish too early, then you should try doing Kegels. No, they aren’t only for women. Apart from allowing you to last longer in bed, your orgasms will become more powerful, and if you have a leaky bladder, then it could fix this issue as well. Kegel exercises can also make it easier for you to keep your penis erect. Okay, so if kegel exercises can enhance your’s and your partner’s sexual satisfaction, there is only one thing left to be said: start doing them. Preferably now.

Hair in Mouth

We are often told that no matter the circumstances, we should be bold and not abandon our goals easily, but if your balls are covered in hair, then you shouldn’t be surprised that she might be reluctant to close the distance between them and her mouth. There is a simple solution to this seemingly existential problem. If you want your partner to bring you pleasure, make sure that they don’t have to summon every bit of courage from the corners of their soul to proceed. 

Communication is Key

If you are not sure if what you are doing actually feels good, or if you are worried that you might be less than perfect lover (and everyone knows that being a less than perfect lover is a reason to be ashamed, right?), then you could simply just talk to your partner. You might think of sex as of a task that you can screw up, but the thing is, you and your partner are playing in one team. Do you think that she would be angry if you ask her what feels good and what doesn’t? There’s no need to be afraid! Remember, she wants to feel good too, which is why she’ll be more than happy to share some tips!