May 10, 2021


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Bedtime Tips: How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

One of the most common problems between couples is suffering sex life. After being with the same person for a long period of time, it’s only natural that the lust and desire you hold for one another starts to ebb away. But it doesn’t have to. 

A long-term relationship can continue to be exciting, adventurous, and sensual for decades if you know your way around bedtime activities. The key is staying open-minded and always striving to meet your partner’s sexual needs and desires. 

Not sure where to begin? We can help. Keep reading for our top tips on spicing up your sex life. 

Prolong Foreplay

First, remember that most people, especially in long-term relationships, aren’t necessarily turned on and ready to go at the very mention of sex. Therefore, it’s important to spend time stimulating each other.

Devote at least 20 to 30 minutes to foreplay. Start with a sensual massage and let the moment naturally evolve into tickling, whispering, kissing, and licking.

Introduce Sex Toys

Another great tip on how to spice up your sex life is to incorporate sex toys. There are simple and complex sex toys for both men and women. If you want to surprise your partner at your next bedtime rendezvous, pull out a sex toy they’ve never seen before. 

If you’re not sure what your options are, take a look at this website.

Talk Dirty

Next, you can try to rev up your partner by engaging in dirty talk. Diry talk is one of the most effective, yet underrated tools in the sexual tool chest. 

Tell your partner everything you want to do to them with explicit detail. You can even up the ante by talking about sexual fantasies or other erotic scenarios. 

To add some intrigue and anticipation, start talking dirty to your partner early in the day. Start getting them ramped up long before they come home to you. By the time you make it into the bedroom, you guys will hardly be able to contain yourselves. 

Role Play

One thing that can lead to less-than-exciting bedtime activities is the familiarity of it all. To change things up, invest time and money for role-playing. 

Talk to your partner to find out about any fantasies they have. This can include celebrity crushes, movie characters, scenarios, and more.


Finally, to promote a healthy sex life, be open to experimenting with one another. Try new positions, new moves, new sex toys, and more. 

If your relationship is strong enough to endure it, you could even look into watching pornography together or engaging in a threesome. Experimenting can be incredibly fun, just make sure you take it slow to make sure both people are comfortable with the situation. 

Looking for More Bedtime Fun?

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