June 12, 2021


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Awkward sex questions

Top 6 Awkward sex questions asked by men

Here we come with Some sex questions which is in everyone’s mind. These questions can be faced by anyone in their life but they are afraid to ask or feel embarrassment but don’t worry this article might help you to find out the true answers to your sex problem.

1. Why my dick is losing erection?

Guys, It is common to lose erection in your sex life so don’t take any stress. Usually, your sex drive is not get affected by this problem. Sometimes, without treatment or a little treatment, it can be solved in most cases. But if you are facing it for a long time then we called it Erectile Dysfunction in medical terms, When you getting started to involve in sex with your partner then it should be necessary that your hormones, blood vessels, nerves, and brain works together. If you are feeling stress, depression, anxiety than your body parts doesn’t work together and it tends to lose erection during sexual activity.

If you are facing diseases like Diabetes, Clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and nervous system disorder than there is a lot of chance of erectile dysfunction.

2. Piercing genitals is risky?

piercing genitals like your tongue, or another private part than it may be risky for both men and women. Your genital area has moisture around it. These parts attract bacteria and it may cause infection. Irritation and redness around your genitals are a sign of infection. But if you are living with healthy hygiene and a good immune system then you have no need to afraid of the piercing.

3. Sex with a stranger. Is it good or bad??

If you are working for a long time and didn’t engage in sex from a couple of months then it’s not a bad idea to do sex with a stranger until it’s safe and secure. Generally, it can be seen in club parties, blind dates, wedding ceremonies, and other social occasions. Some people have the fantasy to do sex with a stranger once in their life. But if you have already a partner than its not good for you to cheat him or her because it tends you to feel shame and guilt.

4. Where is my G-spot?

Sometimes people often think about their position of G-spot. But you totally get shocked when you know that position of G-spot is unknown and nobody finds its exact location.

5. Can she really break my penis?

No dude, Your dick is boneless. Your penis doesn’t break but maybe get highly injured due to trauma while you are engaged in aggressive sex play and masturbation. When your penis gets erected then it is full of blood and forcefully bending your penis can cause heavy injury.

6. What about a curved penis?

It’s not a big deal. The penis is different in color, shape, and size while erection. Don’t afraid if you have a curved penis, it is totally normal. But if you are feeling pain continuously on your dick during sex then it can cause a major problem and you will face trauma which is not good for your sex life. In that condition, you have to visit a sex specialist or a doctor to get the solution to it.


Don’t let yourself to be uncomfortable when you want to know more and more about your sexual problems. It is your right to know each and everything about any question related to your sex life. If you avoid and tolerate it due to fear or stress then maybe it ruins your sexual life.

So guys, if you want to ask any other sex question apart from this article then leave a comment and ask me without having any doubt.