What is Lingam Massage?

Lingam Massage

When your erotic desire is raised up to the highest level, you may be offered a try of lingam massage. If your idea of that is just massaging the genital organ till the final satisfaction, then, you understand it completely wrong, as a lingam massage does not only give you this satisfaction – in fact, the goal of it is to prolongate obtainable pleasure and make you almost moan with it!  

What lies at the Root of Lingam Massage? 

Actually, lingam massage enters the course of tantric massage originating from ancient Hindu tradition and based on yoga. If you don’t have the slightest idea about what it is, to cut the story short, it would be described as a sacred ritual or technique aimed at unleashing the sexual energy hidden inside and make it run through the whole body with waves of delight. 

The Hindu word lingam means “phallus” (as opposed to yoni that stands for a womb or vagina). So, in the process of tantric massage the masterful masseuse will gift you with unforgettable moments of delight, probably, without even touching your genitals, while the lingam massage implies a special procedure focused right on them. 

What Makes Lingam Massage So Extraordinarily Special?

The techniques of that type of massage are intended to relieve pressure from you and expand your internal barriers. Since you are in the hollow of your masseuse’s hands, she knows how to recreate an intimate atmosphere of trust between you. Though the core object of it is your main erogenous zone, first of all it produces a great positive effect on your physical and mental state in general:

  1. You will be able to study your body as an instrument of pleasure. Thus, your sexual relationships will be brought to a higher level. 
  1. It will make you feel happy and self-confident. It will change your sensual life and the way you interact with your partner. 
  1. You will unstress yourself and forget about all troubles. 
  1. That’s why your health will actually improve. 

Why is it all possible? Because your masseuse knows how to read your body: she pays close attention to each glance, breath and sigh of yours and is ready to react immediately. She will ask you about preferable sounds and odours, so you can refresh your understanding of yourself. The whole procedure will restore your strength, as it is originally the key concept of the method. 

The lingam massage claims broad experience from the masseuse, as she should know all the secret touches and strokings, so-called effleurage and different methods of pressing and gripping of your erogenous zone; and that will let you slide over the eternal enjoyment waves. And to prolong this enchanting journey and to make the sensations even brighter, your masseuse may use special erotic oils and candles. 

Where Can I Find Such a Masseuse?

Now you see that lingam massage is not just a kind of sex – on the contrary, it is a kind of philosophy, and not every girl could become the one to whom you could entrust yourself. If you are going to try it for the first time in your life, you definitely should do your best to put the experience at top level, as it is a question of your sensual life. 

Maybe you should do something unusual, something crazy, for example, go to Paris – a city of romantic dates – and plunge into a different culture. By the way, SweetTouch’ masterful masseuses are looking forward to giving you their subtle art and sophisticated knowledge of massage.