5 Tips for naughty dating with no strings attached

naughty dating

Not many love the idea of commitment. Today’s youth enjoy hassle-free fun and hence no strings attached dating has gained quite a name for itself. Usually, someone who just went through a breakup and now is only looking for some fun looks for this kind of dating. Other people who are extremely dedicated to their work and have no time for commitments also want a no-string attached dating. 

When you are someone who doesn’t want to share their space but enjoys sex immensely. No-strings-attached dating would be more appealing to you or if you love your single status and are not ready for any commitments. So, if you want to get naughty without any strings, here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Always have protected sex

If you are into naughty dating, you should always have protected sex. When you are not committed to each other, it’s hard to know how many other such relationships your partner is involved with at the same time. You don’t want the fun to end with you getting infected with some disease, now do you? So, always use protection and stay safe.

Be honest

When you are dating someone, let them know beforehand that you are not ready to commit. And when you think it’s not working for you, be straightforward and tell them without sugarcoating it. It is always better to walk out of an arrangement before it turns out to be a burden for you.

Don’t get full of yourself

Casual sex without any strings could be real fun and it is extremely easy to get carried away. If you are attractive and it is easy for you to get the attention of anyone even from the best naughty date sites, it doesn’t mean you should get involved with anyone and everyone who wants to get your attention. Stay with one partner at a time and if you find yourself sleeping with more than one person in one night, you need to be cautious. Too much of anything is bad.

Don’t get involved with your close friends and ex

If you get involved with your good friend in a no string attached relationship, it might jeopardize your relationship with your friend if things go downhill. Never mix sex with emotional intimacy. It beats the purpose of no strings attached relationship. Sleeping with an ex also means you are getting emotionally attached which is against the rules of no string attached dating. Although it might be fun for a while but chances are high that you will end up falling in love again. And you don’t want that.

Remember these things end

Don’t feel guilty or angry at your partner if you or then end the relationship. Remember, you both have already made it clear that there will be no commitment and that there will be no strings attached.

These tips will help you enjoy naughty, no-strings-attached dating without any heartbreak. It will also help you heal from the previous heartbreak.