5 Types of Sex Dolls to Try In 2020

Sex Dolls

The sex doll industry is continually growing. Various vendors and manufacturers are coming up with new inventions in sexbots and sex dolls every few months. It is said that “money can’t get you true love”, but it’s true that money can indeed buy you lust. The sex doll from Sino doll can be one of the best investments which can help you achieve great satisfaction and well-being. 

The 5 top sex dolls to try in 2020 are listed below

1. Silicone sex dolls 

They are more realistic and softer than other dolls in the market. They have real-looking skin on the body and are available in a wide range of options. They have changeable facial features and possess metal skeletons. You can easily adjust their stance and expression. Silicone sex dolls can be cleaned easily and are resistant to heat, water, and stains. However, they are expensive at the same time. They have a more realistic anal and vaginal cavity, which is a plus for male users. 

2. TPE sex dolls

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. You can call it a mixture of plastic and rubber, which means it can be stretched easily. It gets back to its normal shape instantly when released after being stretched. It is softer than other sex dolls. One can use them for trying different positions because of their flexibility. Its feature of being flexible has made it more popular. They are also cheaper as compared to silicone sex dolls. The TPE sex dolls are recyclable, and they can don’t cause any allergic reaction to any user. Moreover, sex dolls are more pliable while being lighter than silicone. 

3. Plush sex doll

 These sex bots are known for bringing animation to life, rather than realism. They are available in different styles, generally in anime-style girl dolls. One can find a slit for the vagina inserts, so you don’t have to stress over the clothing mess. They are ideal for all as it possesses a plush fetish. They are also easy to store and lighter to lift and keep. 

4. Blow-up sex dolls

Blow-up sex dolls are the oldest kind. These sex dolls are made of PVC and are best for people who have limited storage options. They are commonly used for masturbatory purposes and are cheaper. One can enjoy the three holes anytime. Its quality material makes this sex doll last for a long time. Additionally, it comes with an outfit that can be taken off anytime. They look adorable and sexual in makeup and long hair. 

5. Male sex doll

If every day you dream about spending a memorable evening with a sexy and young boy, then try having sex with a male sex doll. You can find them, either made up of silicone or TPE. They are equipped with a removable dick. You can also change its position upwards or downwards, as per your needs. 


These are some of the topmost sex dolls that you must try in 2020. All these sex dolls have a common objective – to help you reach orgasm and to offer the most desirable sexual pleasure. Get your hands on the sex doll from My Robot doll and unleash your horny side today.