Top 5 Best Anal Sex Toys Everyone Should Give a Try

Best Anal Sex Toys

If someone asked you how your sex life is, how would you respond? Would you respond with amazing and exhilarating, or lackluster and unfulfilling?

For many people, it’s the latter. In fact, 34% of Americans in relationships rate their sex lives as unsatisfying.

Whether your sex life is incredible or nonexistent, you can always spice it up. Sex toys can help you do that, and are a great way to make things exciting.

If you’re tired of playing in the front yard, consider making a trip out back. Keep reading to learn about the five best anal sex toys that anyone can enjoy. 

1. Dildos 

Dildos are a great and simple option for people who want to try anal play with more than just their fingers. Most shapes are phallic and come in a huge variety of sizes. If you’re new to anal play, choosing a smaller option might be a good idea.

Once you have your dildo, you can experiment with moving it in and out of your body. The sensation may feel strange at first, but with time, you’ll discover what sort of pace you prefer. 

2. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are another fantastic type of toy that you can play around with. They’re shaped like teardrops, come in different sizes, and have wide bases that prevent you from losing them amidst all of the fun. 

When paired with a lot of lube, butt plugs are an amazing way to stimulate your anus. Learn more here about how to get maximum enjoyment when using butt plugs. 

3. Anal Beads

Contrary to what you might be thinking, anal beads aren’t a way to bedazzle your bum. They’re a set of bulbs (which resemble beads) on a string. Some sets of anal beads are the same size, while others increase with size.

Much of the appeal with anal beads is inserting them then pulling them out. The shower can be a good place to get comfortable with them.

4. Strap-on 

If you are in a relationship, throwing a strap-on into the mix can be a sexy way to switch things up. A strap-on is essentially a dildo that you can hook onto your body. You then use it to penetrate your partner.

Whether you don’t have a penis and want to know what it’s like or are looking to subvert gender norms, strap-ons can be fun for everyone. 

5. Anal Vibrator 

If you’ve used a vaginal vibrator before, anal vibrators are similar. However, they have wide bases like butt plugs so you don’t lose them.

Anal vibrators are a fantastic way to stimulate all of the nerves inside your anus, regardless of gender. 

Give These Best Anal Sex Toys a Try

Whether you’re sexually active or want to take your masturbation sessions to the next level, sex toys can help make the experience more enjoyable. Give some of the five best anal sex toys mentioned in this post a try, and they’ll be sure to rock your world. 

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