8 Things That You Should Know Before Buying The First Sex Doll

Buying The First Sex Doll

As people became more aware and more open to their sexual needs, innovations began to emerge in the sex toys industry. Sex dolls are one such example. Buying your first sex doll can be an exciting but also frustrating experience.

Moreover, people have very little knowledge about sex dolls than sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs, making them more nervous while they buy sex dolls. 

This blog is dedicated to all those first-time sex doll buyers. In this blog, we have explained 8 things that everyone should care about while purchasing sex dolls. Take a look.

8 Tips To Follow While You Buy Sex Doll

1. Narrow Down Your Purpose

First and foremost, narrow down the purpose behind buying a sex doll. Find out WHY you need a sex doll. Do you need a single-sex doll or do you need one for your partner too? i.e., a pair of sex dolls for men and a sex doll for women.

Also, find out whether you want to buy sex dolls just to satisfy your sexual needs, or if you need them to perform and experience some kinky and nasty stuff that you can’t do with your partner. Or in simple words, do you want a sex doll as your companion or just as a mannequin that satisfies your weird fetishes?

Get answers to all these questions. Once you find out all the answers and your purpose is crystal clear, move to the next step- consider your budget.

2. Consider Your Budget

No matter whether you buy sex dolls in USA or Britain- they are expensive. Some sex dolls are even costlier than a brand-new car! For this reason, your budget matters a lot when you decide to buy sex doll. 

The average price range of quality sex dolls are between $2,000 and $10,000. That means you can buy a good quality sex doll if your budget is in this price range. Besides, there is not much difference between the prices of a sex doll for men and a sex doll for women. 

However, you make sure that you don’t compromise with the material quality and the sex doll’s durability because of the price. Also, ensure that you get all & exactly the same features you want, such as small breasts, big butts, deep vagina, etc.

3. Take Your Time For Online Research

The Internet is the best place to get unbiased and authentic reviews about any product or company. Do some online research before you hurry to buy sex doll. Find out the pros and cons of the sex doll you are going to buy. 

Check out its review websites to find the best sex dolls at the best price. Also, check out the customer reviews. All these reviews will give you an idea of the merits and experiences of others with sex dolls. Also, Find out whether sex dolls in USA are cheaper or costlier than its neighboring countries.

Based on all this information, you will get the clear picture of what type of and what brand of sex doll you should buy and what you should avoid.

4. Prefer Customized Sex Doll

Always prefer to buy customized sex dolls over non-customized sex dolls. Customization helps you build real life sex dolls. 

Customized sex dolls offer many benefits compared to fixed sex dolls. It lets you design a unique sex doll based on your preferences like body type, hair color, skin tone, breast size, vagina depth, booty, and ethnicity, among the other elements.

You can also choose whether you need a fixed vagina or the detachable. The same goes for the head and breast. You can decide whether you need a fixed head sex doll or the portable one. For all these good reasons, you must buy customized sex dolls.

5. Always Buy Sex Doll Made of ‘Body Safe” Material

The material of sex dolls matters the most. Always prefer the sex doll, which is made of safe & durable materials. 

There are two types of sex dolls popular among users: the silicone sex dolls and the TPE sex dolls. The silicone dolls are of the best quality but are expensive too. In comparison, TPE dolls (Thermoplastic Elastomers) are of good quality and are cheaper. In all, if budget is not an issue, go with the silicone dolls else buy a TPE sex doll.

However, both these materials are flexible, soft, and squeezable. Besides, you can do some additional research about the quality to ensure the material is really safe.

6. Pay Attention To The Sexual Spot

Remember, the primary purpose behind buying a sex doll is sexual gratification and pleasure. And that’s why you should always choose the customized sex doll that lets you select sexual spots according to your preference and your taste.

Pay maximum attention to sexual spots like the vagina, butt, anus, boobs, and mouth. You can also customize other organs, according to your wild fetish. Also, ensure that other features like lips, hair, waist, eyes, and neck are to the point that the doll looks like a real-life sex doll.

Mind you, the features will vary based on the sex doll type, i.e., either you buying a sex doll for men or a sex doll for women.

Besides, always prefer detachable parts over fixed ones. This will let you replace the part easily the day you find them boring. For example, you can transform the flat-chested sex doll into a busty baby just by replacing its breast with 38D-size boobs!!

7. Make Sure The Sex Doll Is Durable

Durability is an element that we can’t overlook. After all, you are spending a hefty amount on these sex dolls! 

Prefer to buy sex dolls that is made of either silicone or TPE. Do not buy sex dolls that are not made with any of this material. In addition, you must go through each of the materials used to make your sex doll to ensure its durability and usability.

8. Check the Company’s Background

Once you go through all the basic but necessary steps like deciding material, considering your budget, and online research, the last step is to check the company’s background from where you will buy sex dolls.

Ensure that the company has a good reputation in the market, and its products are known for good quality. Also, ensure that the company provides good customer service and is capable of customization and providing body parts whenever the need arises.


Remember, sex dolls are pretty high priced regardless of whether it is a sex doll for men or a sex doll for women. Therefore you can’t go easy when it’s about quality and features. The concerns multiplied if you are a first-time buyer. But, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you won’t have to worry much! Happy Humping!